Average Salary Per Year: $51,249

Marine inside machinists use tools to produce and repair shipboard precision parts, including shafts, rudder stocks, stern tubes and strut tubes. They use blueprints or written specifications to calculate where to cut or bore into work pieces, how fast to feed metal into machines, and how much metal to remove from work pieces. In addition, they operate both manual and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines, machine tools and precision measuring tools.

Education Options:

Technical School, Community College, Registered Apprenticeship Program, and Industry Training Program


Be math orientated and have attention to detail. Able to read and interpret blueprints and sketches in determining dimensions and tolerances of finished work pieces, sequence of operations and machining set-up requirements. Able to calculate and set controls of equipment to regulate machining factors. Operate and observe machining equipment such as lathes and mills to detect malfunctions or out of tolerance machining and adjust accordingly and use a wide variety of precision tools ranging from calipers and micrometers.

*Average base salary does not include overtime or incentives.