Average Salary Per Year: $47,984

Marine blaster/painters prepare various metal surfaces including components, equipment, interiors and exteriors of ship for blasting and painting applications. They also wash and abrade surfaces using blast grit and other equipment to remove adhered debris, such as scales, sand, paint, grease, tar and rust. In addition, they mix batches of paint according to specifications and apply using conventional, airless spraying or hand paint processes.

Education Options:

Technical School, Community College, Registered Apprenticeship Program, and Industry Training Program


Able to read and interpret paint specifications and manufacturer application instructions. Able to troubleshoot blasting and painting equipment and read wet or dry gauge. Identify and correct blast and paint deficiencies as well as use various blasting and painting equipment to prepare and paint surfaces. Able to use different blast media dependent on required anchor profile and substrate type.

*Average base salary does not include overtime or incentives.